Oneness and Karma

As I’m reading through The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, one of the Sutras has to do with oneness. I’ve also noticed and am amazed at how much science is actually in the book! I’m in a rush this morning, so I can’t find the actual sutra that talks about this oneness, but maybe sometime later I’ll find it for you guys.

Sri Swami talks about oneness and karma and reincarnation. I happen to believe in all of these terms, but it’s ok if you don’t! I remember the first time I took reincarnation seriously:

My favorite high school science teacher had just told us he was retiring from teaching. He told us this sad story about how he’d kind of lost his teaching mojo and he was moving to Spain to change it up and teach English. I have no idea how we got on the topic, but one student asked what he thinks about life after death, what happens? Or, more accurately, what did he believe happened? He was reluctant, because he was a science teacher and the whole separation of church and state thing, but since he was leaving and it was nearly the end of the year he decided to go ahead and share with us. He said he believes in reincarnation for no other reason than it makes sense. Everything in life is cyclical, so why wouldn’t death be a part of that? Clearly he was a man of science, which I could relate to, and I really liked this.

He related it to what happens to the body after we die. Deer eat grass. But when a deer dies in the woods, its body gets fed on by prey and eventually the rest disintegrates and gets swallowed up by the land where it becomes food for the grass and other plant life for other deer to eat up. If you believe in the soul, which I do, why wouldn’t it be the same?

What does this have to do with oneness? Wel, we are all made up of the same stuff: molecules and atoms. Even inanimate objects are made up of the same stuff we are. Everything is put together and connected differently, but essentially we are all the same. Everything is connected.

I’ll finish up on this tomorrow, as I’m in a rush today. Sit, have a think on this, maybe even meditate on it. What are your views on life after death and oneness? Think I’m crazy for believing in reincarnation or do you agree? Let me know in the comments below and come back tomorrow to continue the discussion.


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