Yoga Sutra 3

Sri Swami translates the third sutra to “Then the Seer (Self) abides in Its own nature.” The previous line being something along the lines of: Yoga is the calming of the mind-stuff.

Therefore, this sutra really means something to the effect of: If the mind is calm, with no attachments, that is the True Self.

For me, this is one of the most important sutras. It’s all about the True Self, completely unattached. Who are you?

If there were no commercials, or media, or advertisements, or parents, or friends, or anything else that influences you, who would you be? This isn’t quite what this sutra is getting at, but it’s what this blog is all about! It’s about finding your True Self, sans influences.

As a child, our parents dress us, tell us what to do and essentially carve who we are. Psychology tells us that we can basically blame our parents for who we are. But at a certain age, we have to take responsibility for the person we’ve become and who we want to be.

I have a distinct memory at day camp as a child where the group was at art and we were all making lanyards. The girls were all talking about their favorite colors. Mine was stereotypically pink. However, I was always a pretty shy child and wasn’t too involved in this conversation. The girls were talking about how pink is stupid and girly. Later that day, when my Nanny came to pick me up, I declared that pink was no longer my favorite color and now it was blue. My Nana was shocked and asked why or if anything happened. I looked down to the ground and said, “No reason, just is.”

The inner turmoil I felt was unbelievable, but as a child it can be hard to stand up for yourself. (Not to mention how mean little girls can be to each other.) Although this is an extreme example, this happens every single day in our lives. If we don’t take the time to decide for ourselves who we are and what we like, the world will decide for us. And if the world decides for you, it can cause some serious internal damage.

Gretchin Rubin Instagram
You can choose what you do; you can’t choose what you like to do.

Personally, I feel like so much of adulthood is stripping away what I’ve been taught in order to discover what I know about myself. But how do we do this? Patanjali tells us in the upcoming sutras. Come back tomorrow for more on how to discover the True Self! ❤


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