Practice Makes Perfect

You get to choose who you are.

You get to choose who you want to be. I suppose you don’t get to choose what you like or enjoy, but you get to choose how good you’re going to get at those things you enjoy. And sometimes it’s hard, life can be difficult and get in the way of your plans.

It takes perseverance, time, and effort to get really good at something, or anything, really. Especially if the things you like aren’t the things you tend to be good at. There are a few lucky people in the world who are good at what they like, but unfortunately, that’s not the majority of us.

I’m a creative, but getting good at creative endeavors isn’t my strong suit. I’m so bad at anything musical, for a while I thought I was tone deaf. Turns out I’m not, musical talents just don’t come easily to me. So, when I tried to learn guitar it was frustrating.

I’m used to things coming easily to me, so when it didn’t I was incredibly upset at myself. Logically I knew what to do, where to put my fingers, the beat of the strum, but my fingers wouldn’t do it.

My instinct was to go all rock star on its ass and smash the thing to pieces. But yoga teaches us to stay calm in the face of anger because anger brings you nowhere but down. Yoga teaches us to relax and accept ourselves where we are. No, I’m not very good at guitar, yet, but I will get there with practice and patience.

We all have different strengths and weaknesses, but that’s not to say we can’t work on weaknesses and better ourselves. Most importantly, be kind to yourself! Imagine talking to a friend when you speak to yourself. Would you ever tell your friend who’s trying to learn a new skill that she’s just not good at it, so there’s no point in trying? Probably not. You’d tell her to keep going, keep trying, keep practicing and with time the skill will come.

Give yourself a break and some love. ❤ Have a great weekend everyone.


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