Yoga Sutra 6: Mental Modifications of the Mind

Yesterday, we explored Sutra 4, which told us that there are five different kinds of mental modifications that are painful or painless. Yesterday, we focused on the latter part of that sentence but in the upcoming days, we’ll explore the former and the different kinds of mental modifications. As I write on each different modification,… Continue reading Yoga Sutra 6: Mental Modifications of the Mind

Yoga Sutra 5: Painful or Painless, Selfish or Selfless

“There are five kinds of mental modifications, which are either painful or painless.” Notice how Patanjali didn’t say these modifications are painful and pleasurable, simply painful and painless. Sri Swami explains that this is because some things that appear or start out as pleasurable can eventually bring us pain. For example, dating. One day you… Continue reading Yoga Sutra 5: Painful or Painless, Selfish or Selfless

Yoga Sutra 4: What do Raves and Yoga have in Common?

“At other times [the Self appears to] assume the forms of the mental modifications.” This is how Sri Swami translates Sutra 4. Sri Swami explains how this Sutra is sort of about Oneness. The easiest way to explain this is scientifically, I think. Everything on this planet, everything in this solar system is made up… Continue reading Yoga Sutra 4: What do Raves and Yoga have in Common?

To be Attached, or Unattached?

After a nice, not long enough yet still much-needed trip to D.C. for a wedding, I’m back!  Today I want to talk about attachment. On the first day of teacher training, we briefly went over everything we’re going to learn. Guru Kelly said something about how we can’t talk about yoga without talking about religion,… Continue reading To be Attached, or Unattached?

Yoga Sutra 3

Sri Swami translates the third sutra to “Then the Seer (Self) abides in Its own nature.” The previous line being something along the lines of: Yoga is the calming of the mind-stuff. Therefore, this sutra really means something to the effect of: If the mind is calm, with no attachments, that is the True Self.… Continue reading Yoga Sutra 3

The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali

Happy Monday everyone! In class this weekend, we went over 29 of the Yoga Sutras and their meanings. We talked about them pretty extensively, but I'd like to start a list and eventually go over them each in detail. Here is a very basic translation of the meaning of Yoga Sutras. I hope to continue… Continue reading The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali