A Different Way of Thinking

One of my favorite things about yoga is how it opens your mind to a completely different way of thinking. Something as simple as sitting or standing up straight becomes poetic in the world of Yoga. As funny, silly, yet serious as my old best friends mom’s saying was, “Back straight, boobies out. If you’ve… Continue reading A Different Way of Thinking


Does Cursing Cause Harm?

How often do you curse and do you feel bad about it when you do? I suppose your answers to this question will all differ depending on age, job, living situations, etc. For example, my friend the teacher in the suburbs of NY will probably curse a lot less than my friend working at the… Continue reading Does Cursing Cause Harm?

To be Attached, or Unattached?

After a nice, not long enough yet still much-needed trip to D.C. for a wedding, I’m back!  Today I want to talk about attachment. On the first day of teacher training, we briefly went over everything we’re going to learn. Guru Kelly said something about how we can’t talk about yoga without talking about religion,… Continue reading To be Attached, or Unattached?

Yoga Sutra 3

Sri Swami translates the third sutra to “Then the Seer (Self) abides in Its own nature.” The previous line being something along the lines of: Yoga is the calming of the mind-stuff. Therefore, this sutra really means something to the effect of: If the mind is calm, with no attachments, that is the True Self.… Continue reading Yoga Sutra 3

The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali

Happy Monday everyone! In class this weekend, we went over 29 of the Yoga Sutras and their meanings. We talked about them pretty extensively, but I'd like to start a list and eventually go over them each in detail. Here is a very basic translation of the meaning of Yoga Sutras. I hope to continue… Continue reading The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali

Oneness and Karma

As I’m reading through The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, one of the Sutras has to do with oneness. I’ve also noticed and am amazed at how much science is actually in the book! I’m in a rush this morning, so I can’t find the actual sutra that talks about this oneness, but maybe sometime later… Continue reading Oneness and Karma

Yoga Sutra 2: Yoga is the Calming of the Mind-Stuff

Perspective is everything, don’t you think? A story: You are a young child, the doorbell rings and your mother asks you to get it. You get to the door and a big, tall man greets you. Your immediate thought is “Stranger danger!” You close the door and run to your mom. Your mom then opens… Continue reading Yoga Sutra 2: Yoga is the Calming of the Mind-Stuff

Yoga Sutra 1: Yoga is Now

For training class, we need to know the first two sutras, so at the very least I’ll go over those with you this week. The first sutra is “Atha Yogānuśāsanam,” but Sanskrit is an old, dead language so let’s break it down. *“Atha” means “now.” *“Yoga” means “Yoga.” *“Anuśāsanam” means “exposition or instruction.” So, if… Continue reading Yoga Sutra 1: Yoga is Now

Yoga Sutras

So many people ask me, “What is yoga?” and are surprised to hear that it’s more than just a bunch of poses that strengthen your core and help you get in a good workout. For many people, yoga is just part of an exercise routine. However, that’s not what yoga was created for and that’s… Continue reading Yoga Sutras