Does Cursing Cause Harm?

How often do you curse and do you feel bad about it when you do? I suppose your answers to this question will all differ depending on age, job, living situations, etc. For example, my friend the teacher in the suburbs of NY will probably curse a lot less than my friend working at the… Continue reading Does Cursing Cause Harm?


Pranayama — Breath

Ok, so Pranayama doesn’t directly translate to “breath,” but as we’ve previously spoken about the Sanskrit language, not everything translates perfectly. Pranayama is the fourth limb of yoga. (Quick recap, because yoga can be difficult to follow, we’ve gone over the five parts of the first two limbs of yoga: Yamas — Moral Precepts Ahisma… Continue reading Pranayama — Breath

Bramacharya — Self-Restraint

It's easy to give in to our desires, but at what cost? What can you accomplish or achieve if you practiced Bramacharya, or self-restraint/abstinence (it's not what you think!) more regularly? How much money would you save? How much anxiety, numbness, and emptiness could you avoid?

Satya — Truth

Truth is a funny thing, because it looks different for every single person. There are universal, scientifically proven truths like the earth is round, gravity is what keeps us from floating away, and global warming is harming our planet. However, even these “universal truths” are being combated by not only humans, but companies and big… Continue reading Satya — Truth