Yoga Sutra 8: Misconception

“Misconception occurs when knowledge of something is not based upon its true form.” The second modification of the mind is misconception. This is the anxiety sufferers reality, and in my opinion, one of the more common modifications in society today. Sri Swami explains this with a story. Imagine you go outside at dusk and see… Continue reading Yoga Sutra 8: Misconception


Yoga Sutra 4: What do Raves and Yoga have in Common?

“At other times [the Self appears to] assume the forms of the mental modifications.” This is how Sri Swami translates Sutra 4. Sri Swami explains how this Sutra is sort of about Oneness. The easiest way to explain this is scientifically, I think. Everything on this planet, everything in this solar system is made up… Continue reading Yoga Sutra 4: What do Raves and Yoga have in Common?

The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali

Happy Monday everyone! In class this weekend, we went over 29 of the Yoga Sutras and their meanings. We talked about them pretty extensively, but I'd like to start a list and eventually go over them each in detail. Here is a very basic translation of the meaning of Yoga Sutras. I hope to continue… Continue reading The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali

Yoga Sutra 2: Yoga is the Calming of the Mind-Stuff

Perspective is everything, don’t you think? A story: You are a young child, the doorbell rings and your mother asks you to get it. You get to the door and a big, tall man greets you. Your immediate thought is “Stranger danger!” You close the door and run to your mom. Your mom then opens… Continue reading Yoga Sutra 2: Yoga is the Calming of the Mind-Stuff

What’s Your End Game?

The whole point of yoga isn’t to get a good workout, the point is to get yourself closer to your Higher Power, closer to enlightenment. That being said, full enlightenment isn’t my end goal. My goal is to use the tools of yoga in order to find happiness on this planet, within this lifetime of… Continue reading What’s Your End Game?

Bramacharya — Self-Restraint

It's easy to give in to our desires, but at what cost? What can you accomplish or achieve if you practiced Bramacharya, or self-restraint/abstinence (it's not what you think!) more regularly? How much money would you save? How much anxiety, numbness, and emptiness could you avoid?

Asteya — Non-stealing

What does it mean to practice Asteya, or non-stealing? Find out if you are actually an unknowing thief and how to combat it with the power and practice of yoga.

Satya — Truth

Truth is a funny thing, because it looks different for every single person. There are universal, scientifically proven truths like the earth is round, gravity is what keeps us from floating away, and global warming is harming our planet. However, even these “universal truths” are being combated by not only humans, but companies and big… Continue reading Satya — Truth

Ahisma — Nonviolence

As promised, this week I’ll be going over each of the five yamas in depth, beginning with ahisma, which means nonviolence. As I stated last week, ahisma is more than just being physically peaceful to those around you. Ahisma is being nonviolent in every way possible — to yourself, to those around you, the way… Continue reading Ahisma — Nonviolence